Zou Kobushi - Elephant FistEdit

Rank: B

Type: Raiton Ninjutsu

A ninjutsu that takes after the Chidori, but only in form. The user gathers pure raiton chakra into their fist, which causes their fist to spark and crackle. The user then has two posts to punch some target. If a target is punched, the Raiton chakra disperses into their body, and, in most cases, causes the target to fly back as if, as the name suggests, an elephant had hit them. Then, for the next post, they will have a hard time moving their body in a way that they want, due to the electrical signals still in their body, messing up their nervous system. If the user isn't able to diffuse the chakra, the Raiton chakra enters their own system, and causes their nervous system to go haywire for the rest of that post.