Yuukumaboroshi - Visions of DreadEdit

Rank: A

Type: Genjutsu

The user does the needed hand seals, and then starts to hum. Anyone that hears the tune will freeze up and be ‘teleported’ to another dimension. In this dimension, it appears as a small room where spikes are everywhere, so stepping anywhere would cause them intense pain. The ceiling is covered in wax, which constantly drips down, burning into the skin of people underneath it. The room contains a fire in the middle of the room, which will easily burn anyone who touches it, but the main point of the fire is that it is constantly burning human flesh, which leaves the nasty smell in the air. In addition, the air is filled with a deep smog, which is a constant irritant to eyes. At the third post, a door appears, which allows the target to escape from the room. However, since the room was dark and such, instantly coming out causes the target’s eyes to take the remainder of the post to adapt the light.

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