Tenkyohou no Jutsu - Weather Forecast TechniqueEdit

Rank: A

Type: Genjutsu

A genjutsu that will effect all people in a 20 meter radius of the caster, this technique changes based on the users first elemental affinity. The user simply has to stand still after forming the proper hand seals, then throw their arms into the air. If the hands are seen, this will cause 5 different possible results.

  • Katon: All those afflicted will see the sun become substantially brighter, and feel their bodies get significantly warmer as desert like heat conditions arise.
  • Suiton: All those afflicted will see a large amount of dark clouds roll in, and a torrent of rain to fall from the sky. Limiting their vision and making it possible that they slip on what they believe to be the wet ground.
  • Raiton: All those afflicted will see dark clouds roll in, and lightning shooting down randomly from the skies, striking the ground. If the genjutsu users stat is 9 or higher, they can make the lightning strike where the targets are moving, causing them to make erratic movements.
  • Fuuton: All those afflicted will feel huge gusts of wind plowing through the battle field, strong enough that they will have difficulty moving against the power of the wind.
  • Doton: All those afflicted will feel short tremors, as if an earthquake will happen. These tremors will occur once every 10 seconds (about 3 times a post), making balance for the victims very difficult.

This genjutsu lasts for 4 posts before the weather returns to normal.

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