Sunadokei Meiun - Hourglass of DoomEdit

Rank: S

Type: Genjutsu

Prerequisite: Suna-nin

The user makes eye contact while forming the needed seals to trap the opponent. The person targeted with this genjutsu becomes trapped in the bottom of a giant hourglass. While sand trickles down from the top, the looming fate of the eventual suffocation will kill the target of this illusion at the end. This technique lasts for 5 posts, during which time the victim of the technique cannot interact with the real-world (but can still somehow defend themselves) as they are fully caught up in this illusion. At the end of the duration, when all of the sand falls to the bottom part of the glass, the body will think it’s drowning in sand and die from suffocation. The user must concentrate to keep this jutsu active during the duration.