*Ninpou • Raiu Yoroi [Ninja Arts • Thunderstorm Armor]Edit

Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Prerequisite: Ninpou • Kumo Yoroi [Ninja Arts • Cloud Armor]; the user must have both suiton and raiton affinities.

The thunderstorm armor appears exactly as the cloud armor did; except for now it is a dark gray, nearly black color. Small flashes of light can be seen traveling through the armor as it swirls around the user. Like the cloud armor, this has a dormant state. During this state, the small flashes of lightning will strike anything that enters the area around the user causing minor damage, and these small shocks will strike any small projectile sending it away from the user. When activated the thick layer of water courses violently with lightning sending strong charges into anything that enters the field. It is extremely difficult to attack the user through this because the armor now electrocutes the opponent while slowing down their attacks. Lasts 3 posts.