Raiton • Ranpu no Tenshi Hantei [Lightning Element • Light of Angel's Judgement]Edit

Rank: S-Rank

Type: Ninjutsu

Range: 30 feet

This is a custom ninjutsu technique used by Ranpu Hantei.

The clouds darken as Ranpu makes a short set of seals. Circling right above the user, the clouds crackle with energy. After a few seconds, a lightning bolt strikes behind Ranpu. He uses his chakra to harness the massive energy of the bolt into a network of lightning which takes the form of a massive six winged lightning throne upon a lightning pedistal that lifts him 30 feet into the air. Each post, Ranpu can shoot one blindingly fast A-Rank bolt at his opponents, causing second degree burns on the first hit and they suffer from third degree burns on a second strike. Any opponent with a speed of lower than 8 cannot dodge these bolts. After the three posts, the pedistal and throne explode into a flash of lightning, spreading lethal lightning bolts out 20 feet. Finally, as a last resort, Ranpu can concentrate the energy into a tiny shell for 1 post, then lets it erupt. He adds any remaining chakra into this technique in addition to the massive amounts of electricity from the lightning bolt from the beginning of this technique, making this kamikaze move even more powerful than the Explosive Lightning Ball Technique. A radial wave of lethal electricity extends out 20 feet, and anyone within 30 feet of the expolsion is racked with terrible pains, as the electricity leaves second and third degree burns. The explosions follow the same speed rules that apply to the lightning bolts. This technique lasts three posts.

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