Raiton • Raikou Kangoku no Jutsu [Lightning Element • Lightning Prison Technique]Edit

Rank: A-Rank

Type: Ninjutsu

Range: 25 feet

This is a custom ninjutsu technique used by Ranpu Hantei.

The user makes the needed seals and slams their fists to the ground. The ground where the user struck is then marked as the user channels lightning-nature chakra into a unseen circular seal about 15 feet across. If within the next five posts, an enemy enters the space above or below the seal, lightning erupts from the seal and binds the opponent. The lightning can also pursue the opponent for up to 10 feet beyond the edges of the seal. The opponent is bound, dragged back to the seal, and submitted to painful shocks that leave second degree burns and severe disorientation. The binding effect lasts three posts. Should no one enter the seal within five posts, the technique dispels, the chakra wasted.