Shiro is an Iwagakure no Sato genin.

Nezumi, Shiro
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Iwagakure No Sato


Ninjutsu 5, Taijutsu: 3, Genjutsu: 1, Stamina: 3, Control: 4, Strength: 3, Speed: 3, Wit: 3


No information


Miyamoto, Mori(sensei), Rezu, Yuri(Teammate), Nezumi, Genizon(Brother)


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Quite a happy mischievous little guy, he loves to play tricks and mess around with people but don’t be fooled by the cover, he’s not all bad. Shiro is quite caring for his friends and family, especially Kajirune, his summon. It can clearly be seen that this boy is a fan of rats and mice; he adores them to death, even cuddling them up to his face at times.

In battle, Shiro can be quite sneaky but tends to act fast, sometimes getting in the way.


From the age of 5 he as always loved rats and mice, his parents got him a nice little pet mouse for his birthday and it was this what made him love them so much. However, his brother was never so keen on it but Shiro loved him just as well. Shiro had got a large cage full of 20 mice by the age of 7 and his mum would look after them with joy whilst he went to academy to learn shinobi techniques, whilst growing his bond towards Genizon, his brother, who found him to be a best friend. Since his dad was rather nosey and liked tricking people into telling him things and all sorts of stuff, Shiro grew up to be sneaky, cheeky and a little trickster just like his rats really too. One day, at the age of 11 the young boy came across a slightly larger rat then normal in his garden and ended up becoming good friends with it, so his parents let him keep it. However, the rat grew up rapidly and soon revealed his name to be Kajirune and as such allowed the young ninja to be to sign a contract with him and together they trained, until Shiro finally graduated at the age of 14, not to recently before where he is now. By this time Shiro had took a great liking to his little brother much more than ever, liking to call him Nizzy. After graduating, Kajirune persuaded Shiro’s parents to give him his staff as a present and to this day he as used it since with his friendship with his summon becoming ever the more stronger.


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