Mikihoto, Yoshi



Eye Colour

Greyish Blue




Konohagakure No Sato


Ninjutsu 7, Taijutsu: 9, Genjutsu: 7, Stamina: 7, Control: 7, Strength: 7, Speed: 6, Wit: 6

Chakra Affinity


Second Chakra Affinity


Yoshi is a Konoha Jounin.

Appearance Edit

Yoshi has numerous battle scars on his face from the many battles he has taken part in over the years, he is tall and also quite muscular. Tight black leather armour with numerous blades attached onto the arms and legs, scattered Kunai holders around the armour for quick access to weaponry and he wears his forhead protector round his head.

Personality Edit

Yoshi is a calm collected Shinobi, he deeply values his family and friends and companionship. He is a very loyal person and would willingly sacrifice himself to save the lives of his friends and comrades. Yoshi is a Taijutsu expert and swears to only use Taijutsu he deems as honourable. He fights for his village and everyone in it, those who abandon their village are sheer trash to Yoshi, he deems his village as a place that supports him and his dreams of making the world free of evil. He feels uncomfortable around those who even contemplate leaving for their own gain. His main dreams are to successfully lead to a team of Genin to Chuunin rank and to see a world of peace and prosperity.


As a Genin Yoshi quickly showed his above average Taijutsu skills and worked well with his team, completing around 98% of their missions overall, he quickly progressed into being allowed to take the Chuunin Exam which he passed quite admirably before leading several Genin/Chuunin teams to success.

As a Chuunin he developed a few Taijutsu and Ninjutsu techniques of his own and undertook much more vigorous training to make sure he was ready for the day he could apprehend the missing-nin who murdered his parents as well as other missing-nin from Konohagakure. He then was sent on several missions to apprehend lower ranked missing-nin by the Hokage all of which proved to be successful, it was these successes that led to Yoshi's promotion to Jounin.

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