The following is a list of active and inactive Kumo Shinobi.

The RaikageEdit

Name: Genkaku Hanappari

Nicknames: The Illusionist

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Hair: Type: Dreadlocks Length: Short Color: Black 

Eyes: Light Brown

Body Build: Athletic/Muscular

Clothing: Genkaku’s clothing veries on what he’s doing, and where he may be going. For example: In the cold he would wear something like loose fitting pants, and a long sleeve ninja top. In hot weather he is known for wearing sleeveless shirts to show off his muscles and to let people see his tattoos on his arms. For pants he would wear either shorts or loose fit long pants. He almost always wears his forehead protector underneath his dreadlocks.

Forehead Protector: He wears it on his forehead underneath his dreadlocks.

Personality: Really energetic when around people, but when he is alone he’s extremely calm. He spends lots of his free time writing songs or studying different techniques and Jutsu. Likes: Comedy, Women, Training, Reading, Writing, Singing, Making “beats” a.k.a. rhythms. Ninja Goal: Genkaku wants to become the best Genjutsu user of all the Lands. In Battle: In battle Genkaku, is very controlled, he doesn't like to rush things unless it's necessary. Although he is controlled he still sometimes likes to have fun in battle, if the opponent in which he is fighting has no chance to beat him and he knows it, then he's going to let the enemy know it. He enjoys taunting and getting into the enemies heads, using his smarts to his own advantage.

Rank: Raikage

Village: Kumogakure





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