Kumo Yoroi - Cloud ArmorEdit

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Prerequisite: Must have suiton as their element

The user forms a number of quick hand seals and is surrounded by a white cloud. The cloud is rather large and makes the user look as if he is in a giant white ball. It is difficult to tell, but the cloud is actually spinning around the user extremely quickly. The only place not covered by this cloud is the users head. This cloud armor is easily seen through as it is simply a cloud. At this point this armor is completely useless, but the user is able to channel a small charge of chakra into the armor, changing the gas into water. Weapons and attacks entering the armor while in this form are slowed by a few fractions of a second as the watery armor immediatly pushes force against anything entering it. It isn’t much but it could make all the difference. Lasts 3 posts