Kumo Ken - Cloud BladeEdit

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Prerequisite: Must have suiton as their element

While Kumo is a rather open village and does not have a whole lot of secretive techniques, this justsu has been hidden from the rest of the world. The cloud blade jutsu utilizes the water element and lets the user form a white blade made purely of clouds. As it is, that would be useless since clouds are little other then water. But this blade has the ability to move between a gas and a solid form. Once the blade is created the user can send a small chakra pulse into the blade changing the state of the blade between gas and solid. This allows the blade to pass through solid objects before solidifying to slice through opponents and then reverting back to its originally gaseous form. If control is less then ten the blade can only change to solid form for about one second at a time, if control is ten or above the blade can be changed between gas and solid at will. Lasts 3 posts.