Ronan Kouseki



Eye Color

Sapphire Blue






Ninjutsu: 4, Taijutsu: 4, Genjutus: 1, Stamina: 3, Control: 3, Strength: 3, Speed: 3, Wit: 3

Ronan is a Iwa Genin.

Appearance Edit

Ronan has short brown hair that is never really combs because he sees no need most of the time. He wears a black T-shirt with the clan symbol on the back and grey shorts. He wears knuckle gloves on his hands. His forehead protector is on his upper right arm near the shoulder.

Personality Edit

Ronan can sometimes be described as a loner as he does not talk to many people and feels that he can do a much better job on his own. He is very confident in his abilities and, although he does not show mercy towards them, he has respect for other fighters who have to fight him. However Ronan does know when he needs help, although he doesn't like to admit it.

History Edit

Ronan grew up around the constant training of the Kouseki family. Eventually, when he had gotten old enough, Ronan participated in the training too. His father was a full time ninja, his mother was a former ninja who retired from her ninja life and took hold of the household after they married. He had 2 brothers, one 3 years older and one 3 years younger. Both he and his older brother became ninja and followed in their father’s footsteps with their younger brother close behind.

At the age of 13 he graduated from the academy. During the academy he learned to use his bloodline trait. For about a year after he graduated he worked alone on low rank missions. However he saw them as unfulfilling and pointless because many of them were just helping people around the villages with chores or other boring jobs like that. It didn’t satisfy him. He was seeking something more, something worth his skills and talents. When he asked to take on more fulfilling missions he was told that they would not send a Genin off alone to perform missions like the ones he was asking to do. He decided then that, although he didn't know if it would work out, it was time to look for a team.