Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu - Mist Servant TechniqueEdit

Rank: D

Type: Genjutsu

The user will slowly lower themselves into a crouch while holding a handseal. Seeing this will cast a genjutsu upon any viewers. They will see the user continue to sink into the ground. At that point several dark, oily shapes will emerge from the surrounding walls, trees, or whatever there is and attack from different directions. These attacks cannot harm the viewer but may confuse them and make them feel disoriented. Meanwhile, the user of this jutsu can attack; he or she will look like a simple black shape, gliding in and out of the ground or boulders, so he or she is relatively well hidden. If any of the servants are successfully attacked it will disrupt the genjutsu and lower the post count by 1. Attacking the user, despite his or her disguise, will end the jutsu. This jutsu will last for 3 posts otherwise.

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