Jigen Kekkai - Dimension SealEdit

Rank: B

Type: Fuuinjutsu

This ninjutsu summons a barrier that blocks the use of any other summonings. To start, the user forms ten handseals, creating a seal on the ground that is the kanji for 'forbid'. At this point, the barrier is erected. It covers a half-mile in all directions, and only has a one-time chakra cost. It does not continuously drain the user's chakra. The barrier is intangible and invisible, and lasts for duration of six posts. Anyone in the barrier that tries to summon a animal, boss summon, object, or anything else will waste all the chakra that is normally used for the technique. The chakra cost for the barrier is surprisingly low for a B-rank; the whole jutsu only costs the equivalent of using Kuchiyose no Jutsu.

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