Hyoukyogishu [Artificial Demonic Possessed Hands]

Rank: A

Type: Fuuinjutsu

Range: Self

This is a curse that Ginjiro has placed on himself, but it is normally kept in a dormant state. The curse itself takes a total of 10 posts of chanting to place on another target, making this jutsu almost entirely ineffective in an actual battle to use on someone else. Once the seal is activated, the heritage of the Tenma clan takes over the cursed one's hands, forearms, feet, and shins. This causes a warping in the cursed one's skin, making it appear more demonic than normal. The effects differ from person to person, depending on their own personality and connection to the clan. For clan members, and specifically Ginjiro, the user's hands are enveloped by pitch black skin, partially enlarging his hands and feet. The demonic skin is highly corrosive to the touch, which is intwined with Youton chakra. Ginjiro's fingernails/toenais grow into claws. The claws, as same with the skin, is highly corrosive. Whenever someone, besides the one cursed, is cut by the claws or touches the demonic skin, the corrosive properties take effect. Those properties start with severe burning to the skin. However, it is much deeper than that, since the burn is strong enough to burn on a cellular level, limiting any regrowth of those cells for the rest of the target's lifespan, giving them a burn that will never heal. In addition, this can counteract medical jutsu that tries to regrow cells. To nonclan members, this curse causes a massive overburst of chakra into their hands, causing lava to spout forth from their hands, burning anything that they touch, while constantly burning their own hands, until there is nothing but ashes. The cursemark from this jutsu is the clan symbol that appears on the backside of the hand and the top of the feet.