Doton Chakra Shinsui - Earth Chakra FloodEdit

Rank: B

Type: Ninjutsu


  • Genin - 10 foot radius
  • Chuunin - 20 foot radius
  • Special Jounin - 30 foot radius
  • Jounin - 40 foot radius
  • Kage/Bannin - 60 foot radius

After many generations of mastering the Doton element, Iwa shinobi are able to perform most normal Doton jutsu with incredible skill and dexterity. By imbuing the earth around them with their chakra, the user of this jutsu is able to make the earth within a certain area much more responsive to their control, and subsequently increasing the speed of their attacks. However, this takes a fair amount of chakra, and is limited to a certain area. This area is not strictly limited, but going beyond it requires a second use of this jutsu.