Daha no Jutsu - Defeat TechniqueEdit

Rank: S

Type: Genjutsu

Prerequisite: 12 Genjutsu and 8 Wit

A genjutsu technique so powerful it is required you have at least a 10 in genjutsu to learn it, the Daha technique is truly a dangerous one. The user has to be within 5 meters of the target. By forming the hand seals and meeting eyes with the opponent, they will quickly fall into this technique. With each step the genjutsu user takes, the victim will feel a steadily increasing feeling of defeat. When the user is finally right infront of the target, they will be so overwhelmed that they will fall to their feet in fear and that sick feeling. While the attempt to make any fatal attack by the genjutsu user will immediately break the genjutsu, this feeling in the victim will make them answer almost any question with complete honestly. The word fatal is key, however, as the user can freely beat and physical injure the opponent while they are in this trance, they simply cannot kill. This feeling of defeat can last for up to 10 posts.

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