Comet from EarthEdit

Rank: S

Type: Taijutsu

This is a highly dangerous doton taijutsu technique, taught only to the most powerful and respected of iwa ninja. The ninja will need to be in a very rocky terrain. They require at least an 8 in strength to support this technique. The user will dig their hands into the ground and pull out a massive chunk of earth, pushing their chakra into it. Using all their strength, the user will throw the usually house sized boulder at the opponent. Using their chakra, they will create a slow swirling pattern inside the boulder. When its about 10 feet from the opponent, the rock will soar upwards, vanishing for a post. Small pebbles and rocks will slowly begin to lift up towards the sky. And 2 posts from the performance of this jutsu, the boulder will fly down with a powerful force at the target. After which all loose rubble will fly into the rock, causing it to explode with tremendous force. Enough to hurt the user if they haven't prepared.