Bodily ReplacementEdit

Rank: A

Type: Ninjutsu

Bodily Replacement is a dangerous technique used by [Insert Name Here]. With the use of different materials, the user is able to replace parts of their body with other materials over a period of time. However, the material still keeps its shape, hardness, density, mobility, and so on. So, for example, if the user were to replace their finger with a twig, the user would not be able to bend the twig. In order for mobile parts, the user must either keep their own joints or make hinges in the material. For example, if the user decided to make their hand out of wood, it would take more than one piece of wood. The wooden hand would have to have a piece for each part. This activity can become a problem if the user replaces things such as their head or torso. In order to do so, the user must do something Sasori-like. So, they must make sure that their organs are safe in a container or other thing. The body parts are able to move based on the object itself. If they replaced their hand with, say, a puppet's arm, they would have control over it due to the hinges, but nothing could be done that wouldn't normally be able to be done, such as bending the wood or contorting the hinges to improbable angles. Movement itself is controlled by the user's chakra, which, if they have completely turned their body into different materials, then the chakra emanates from the organs and fills the materials, which allows for movement. Imaginary compounds cannot be used in this fashion, unless gained from roleplay.

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